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Ant Exterminator York PA

Ant Exterminator York PA

Ant Exterminator York PA 2There are numerous species of ants that are common in our area. DSPM, ant exterminator York PA, can perform extermination service for all of them. Some of the more common species include: pavement ants, odorous house ants, argentine ants, acrobat ants, thief ants, pharoah ants & carpenter ants.

Most of the listed ant species are treated, using the same methods & materials. Liquid & dust insecticides are the most effective & therefore, most commonly used by DSPM, ant exterminator York PA. All of these materials are odorless & none of them emit any toxic fumes. All materials that DSPM uses are EPA approved & are applied in a safe manner, with children & pets given priority consideration.

Ant Exterminator York PA 3Prior to the service, the areas where ant trails are being seen should be cleared of any clutter & the surfaces cleaned. The residual material that DSPM, ant exterminator York PA, uses will last for up to 2 months on the inside if applied to clean surfaces. Avoid wet wiping or mopping these areas in the days following the treatment as to avoid washing up the residual. When treating for all species except carpenter ants; most situations do not require the bedrooms on a 2nd floor to be treated. Usually only the bathroom(s) on upper floors will be treated.

What makes the liquid material that we use so effective is its' “non-repellant” quality. Most retail bought liquid sprays are pyrethroid based, which gives them a “repelling” effect. This will often times give temporary results, but it rarely eliminates the source (the colony). Our material gets picked up in microscopic amounts by the worker ants as they readily crawl through it, carry it back to the colony & transfer it to the other workers, infecting the entire colony, including the queen(s), which ultimately eliminates the source of the infestation.

Ant Exterminator York PA 4For all ant services except carpenter ant treatments, the average “clean-out” service for a single family dwelling takes approximately one hour to complete. Accordingly, larger homes & buildings may take longer.

This is because more time & materials are required to perform this service. It is quite a bit more intensive & involved to treat for carpenter ants. The average carpenter ant service requires twice as much material & can take up to 2 hours to complete.