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Bee/Wasp Exterminator

Bee Exterminator Wasp Exterminator 2 Yellow Jackets, Paper Wasps, Bald-Faced Hornets & Mud-Dauber Wasps are all part of the “wasp” family. Many people are allergic to bee/wasp stings & they should not attempt to treat any nests on their own. DSPM, bee exterminator & wasp exterminator, can perform extermination service for all of them.

Symptom: If you notice a steady stream of (what look like) bees constantly going in & out of a hole(s) on the outside of your home; they are probably Yellow Jackets. This is obvious evidence that you have a nest within the structure of your home. DO NOT attempt to spray into the hole with any store bought aerosol insecticides. And DO NOT plug up the hole that they are using. CALL A PROFESSIONAL! You are risking the possibility of forcing the yellow jackets inside your home if you try any of these ill-advised “do-it-yourself” techniques.

Bee Exterminator Wasp Exterminator 3What we do: DSPM, bee exterminator & wasp exterminator, uses a special type of “non-repellant” material that is injected into these entry/exit holes that the bees/wasps are using. Because of it's non-repellant nature, the intruders will continue their normal activity after the treatment. Because the material also works relatively slowly, the insects will have plenty of opportunity to travel through the insecticide & take it into the nest, transferring it to the other workers & eventually to the queen. This process will only take a day or so & will wipe out the entire colony. As part of the service, DSPM, bee exterminator & wasp exterminator, will also inspect around the perimeter of the home for any other potential bee nests that the homeowner may not be aware of. If a ladder is required, the homeowner must provide one. The sprayer can reach up to 15 ft. high depending on the wind speed & conditions. Often times the nest can be accessed from a window or from a roof that is accessed through a window. So a ladder is not needed as often as you may think.

Bee Exterminator Wasp Exterminator 4How much?: Please see our Pricing Guide for rates.

How soon can we get there?: Same day service is the goal, but is not always possible. But if it is an emergency, we'll do what we can. Normally, it can be taken care of within a day or two.


How long?: Bee/Wasp treatments generally take 15 - 20 minutes to complete.