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Cockroach Exterminator

Cockroach Exterminator 2Primarily, there are 3 species of cockroaches that are found in homes in this area: German Cockroaches, Oriental Cockroaches (aka “Water Bugs”) & American Cockroaches (sometimes called “Palmetto Bugs”). DSPM, cockroach exterminator, primarily uses high quality, industry proven bait gels to control these various species of cockroaches. For the customer this means NO ODOR, NO VACANCY REQUIREMENT, LOW TOXICITY & LITTLE or NO PREPARATION REQUIRED to perform this service.

Cockroach Exterminator 3The average “clean-out” service for a single family dwelling takes approximately one hour to complete. Larger homes & multiple unit apartment buildings will take longer, accordingly.

Please see our Pricing Guide for rates. 

If you opt for a maintenance service, we want to emphasize that this is NOT a “contract” service. You have the opportunity to cancel the maintenance plan at any time. Many residential customers will keep an “every-other-month” regular service cycle due to the cost effectiveness & peace of mind that it provides. Although this is not a contract, it is necessary to keep up regular services (at least every-other-month frequency) in order to sustain maintenance rate pricing. We do enforce a “90 day” threshold of automatic cancelation. After 90 days of no service performed, the maintenance service is voided & it would be necessary to pay the “clean-out” rate again in order to resume with the maintenance plan. If you do opt for monthly maintenance service, a “free service” warranty is included. Also, mouse baiting (if necessary) is included with monthly maintenance service by DSPM, cockroach exterminator.


Cockroach Exterminator 4It is important to note that in homes that are connected (“row homes” or “semi-detached”), there is no assurance that the customer will not continue to see cockroach activity. The service provided will address the roaches that are infesting the building we treat. And it will also help prevent future infestations, especially with regular maintenance service. However, it WILL NOT PREVENT stray roaches from coming through wall voids from a connected building. And since we have no knowledge or control over the adjoining building's possible roach infestations; anything that the building owner does to instigate roach activity (setting off foggers, spraying aerosol insecticides, remodeling, etc.) will directly affect the amount of activity that our customer sees at any given time.