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Residential Pricing Guidelines (all prices subject to 6% PA sales tax)

Clean-Out Services (are an intensive initial treatment utilizing all resources necessary to reduce or eliminate the infestation):

Ants, Soil (Interior & Exterior): $219 (Base Rate) for homes up to 1,800 sq. ft.. Approx. $10 more for each additional 200 sq. ft.. Soil ants include several species incl. Pavement Ants, Odorous House Ants, Argentine Ants, Thief Ants, Pharaoh Ants to name a few. Carpenter Ants are not included.

Ants, Carpenter (Interior & Exterior): $349 (Base Rate) for homes up to 1,800 sq. ft.. Approx. $20 more for each additional 200 sq. ft..

Bed Bugs (Interior Only): $620 base rate includes “2-phase” treatment (approx.. 2 weeks apart) in up to 3 rooms. Each additional room is $180 more. A $75 cancelation fee will be enforced if clean-out service is canceled with less than 24 hr. notice. More specific pricing explanations are on Bed Bug Preparation Instructions” page.

Cockroaches/Single Family Dwelling (Interior Only): $219 (Base Rate) covers light – light/moderate infestation. Severity of infestation & size of building will affect price. Multi-unit apartment buildings are (base-rate) priced at $60 more for each additional unit. (i.e.- the base rate for a 3 unit apartment bldg. is $299). An approximate price breakdown, factoring “infestation severity” (for a single family dwelling) is as follows: Light to Moderate: $179-$209, Moderate/Heavy: $219- $249, Heavy: $259-$289, Extremely Heavy: $299 & up. (*Basic Monthly Maintenance service is strongly recommended to follow up German Cockroach infestations).

Fleas (Interior Only): $280 (Base Rate) covers homes up to 1,800 sq. ft.. (Approx. $10 more for each additional 100 sq. ft.). Finished basements & number of rooms with carpet (and thickness of carpet) can also affect price.

Spiders (Interior & Exterior): $259 (Base Rate) for homes up to 1,800 sq. ft.. Approx. $10 more for each additional 100 sq. ft.. Large decks generally cost an additional $20-$40 to be included. Sheds, outbuildings & garages are priced as follows: Small sheds: $20, Large sheds: $30, Single car garage: $60, Large / double car garage: $80.

Stink Bugs (Exterior Only): $199 (Base Rate) for homes up to 2,000 sq. ft.. Approx. $10 more for each additional 100 sq. ft..

Wasps / Yellow Jackets / Hornets (Exterior Only, Nest Specific Treatment): $129 (Single nest treatment. $20 more for each additional nest). ALSO; entire exterior preventive treatments can be performed in the Spring for $199 (base rate).

Mice: (Base Rate – Interior Only): $219 covers most infestations. Price may be higher for heavier infestations or extra large houses.

Maintenance Services (are “preventive” type services initiated ONLY AFTER a clean-out service is performed to reduce the infestation). These services are considerably less expensive than “Clean-out” services because they are designed as an efficient & cost effective means of keeping pests under control, keeping time & materials costs lower, therefore allowing DSPM to perform these services at a lower cost. Maintenance service plans & pricing become void after 90 days pass without having a service performed (with exception of the FPMP & S-S-F Maintenance Plans, December – February do not count towards the 90 days) OR if any outstanding balance is due on the account. At this point, a clean-out service would need to be performed again prior to resuming any maintenance plan.

*Basic Maintenance Service - Base Rate: $63 (single family dwelling), $20 more for each additional unit. Rate will be $20-$40 more per service for heavier infestations, initially, until infestation is under control. Maintenance service following a German cockroach clean-out service should be monthly until infestation is under control (usually 2-3 months for light infestation or up to 6 months for heavy infestations). Minimum frequency of “Every-Other-Month” is required to maintain maintenance-rate pricing & is often sufficient after infestation is controlled. After 90 days pass without a service performed, maintenance plan is voided & a Clean-Out service would be necessary before starting Maintenance services again.

Full Protection Maintenance Plan: Base rate is $135 per service (4 scheduled visits/yr.) & covers most homes up to 2,000 sq. ft.. This is the most comprehensive plan & includes a *Free service warranty. **Target pests include all species of Ants, Centipedes, Earwigs, Ground Beetles, Silverfish, Spiders, Mice & Bees/Wasps. Contingencies: Services must be current w/no outstanding balance due for warranty to be valid. If a service is “skipped”, warranty will be void until 2 consecutive scheduled services are performed. A minimum of 3 services/year must be performed in order to keep maintenance plan/pricing active. *Free warranty services can be requested by the customer only after at least 1 week has passed since last service date. Warranty services only apply to interior, only to **target pests & only the rooms/areas where the problem exists. DSPM reserves the right to perform the next scheduled service up to 2 weeks early in lieu of a free warranty service.

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